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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Mr. & Mrs. Robinson Troy and Lindsey visiting on their honeymoon - just passing thru

One of us - sitting in the sun reading and relaxing
Nice fish George

Troy and Lindsey visited us for the afternoon today. Of course Troy went out fishing with Rick and Rejean. Look Jack!! Look Mitch !! - Troy is catching your bass!!!! He put them back of course (I said them). He caught a couple of nice ones - and a couple of pickerel. No fish were harmed today. Lindsey just relaxed and read some People books I accumulate for the reading of three other people. It was a good afternoon. They headed back at about 4:30 (1/2 hour late).

Rick and Rejean are playing a game called OutLaw Golf and it's pretty funny.

See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

sidsoglad to see they made it. can't wait for next month.thanks again for all your work. tell rejean that his stage is going to be used again next week at the gibson wedding. come back down for that you-

northernbliss said...

You can rent that stage out!! Jack can change the lettering on the bar too!!
Sorry can't make the other wedding - we will still be recouperating and detoxing from yours ;o)