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Saturday, June 26, 2010


The finished tables
One of my chair bows - perfect!!!

Kyle trying to shoo a bird from the rafters

Joanne perfecting her chair bows

the ceiling decorations - you get a feel of how large an area it is

Kyle, Joanne and Jack

The spread

The mothers - Bonnie and Susan

The guys take this cooler filled with beer to tractor pulls and any get togethers - and apparently it works!!!

Kyle getting wood for the fire

What a weekend so far. It is 1:09pm on Saturday and it is clearing up (read, stopped raining) and I do see some blue skies out there. Family pictures at 3:30 at a farm with beautiful gardens - and a cloudy day is supposed to be good for pictures - I hope. We spent yesterday helping decorate the Drive Shed - you would not believe how big this place is - it is about 60x100 with super high ceilings. I can tie chair bows in my sleep now - boy it took a while to learn how to do it - when I first sat down to learn I thought no way but by the 50th chair, I was a pro. But more about that later. The rehearsal dinner was a success. We worked all day long preparing the salads and trays - meat had to be picked up for the bbq. After the rehearsal everyone came back to farm and we had everything ready. We fed everyone and then enjoyed a fire in the yard. It was a good time.

At the Drive Shed, we helped tie the chair bows and set the tables Her colors are purple,black and silver. Every table had to be set just so. The knives had to face a certain way, the wine glass had to be at the top of the knife directly across from the spoon etc. And the little gifts to the guests are maple syrup that Troy and Kyle made - Yum Yum. It was quite the undertaking but it is just beautiful and there are tons of candles on side of the building sitting on the wall braces - and we are on candle duty after the service so when everyone comes into the drive shed it will just be a twinkling wonderland -can't wait.
Well that's it for now - I have to go get ready - that could take a while....
See Ya Bye

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Anonymous said...

Looks Awesome ! ! ! you guys are professionals. Just stunning CONGRATS and BEST WISHES to the Bride & Groom ! ! ! June 26th 2010 another date to remember.
Enjoy the momemt, hope to see more photos tomorrow