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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dump treasure being retro-fitted
Stuff you need at camp

Nice wheelbarrow...

Joanne gave me a list of things they needed for the camp and we finally got around to getting the stuff on Monday in the Sault. Canadian Tire had everything on sale. Wheelbarrow, rakes, shovel, splitting axe and a fan. Mission accomplished. The wheelbarrow was easy to put together and I rather like it. Nice and deep. Rejean also got the weights put on the treasure from the dump for the water system. Two old coffee cans filled with cement attached to the bottom bar to

hold it in place but not heavy enough so that it can't be lifted out of the water. Don't know if we will wait for them to come up to install or if we will do it ourselves. Why should we have all the fun??? What do you think??

See Ya Bye

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