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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Kyle, Troy, Lindsey, Susan, Jack and Shelley - the Robinsons
The Scott Sisters - Me, Susan and Joanne - together again

What a beautiful bride Lindsey is!!!

The wedding party - Kyle, the best man, is to the right of Lindsey

The bride's family farm - a beautiful setting

There were 250 guests!!!

The happy couple - Lindsey and Troy

At Susan's suggestion, the lap dance - Lindsey seems to be enjoying it.

They were unbelievably lucky with the weather on their wedding day - the rains held off for the pictures, the service outside (altho there were a couple of drops and it was funny to see all the men running to the cars for the umbrellas) and until all the people were in the shed - then it poured cats and dogs. We were lucky that the sun wasn't out because for the short time it was out during the photos, it was H O T ! ! After the service Joanne, Rejean and myself ran to the shed to light all the candles on the table and around the room - we also had to open all the bottles of wine and put them on the tables. We got the job done. There were 4 lines for the buffet table so that went pretty fast. When the dancing started, after all the obligatory dances were over, Joanne and I started dancing, but not many more people were on the floor - we found out later it was because they don't start dancing at these weddings until about 11:30 - after everyone is pretty well hydrated - if you know what I mean. But we stuck it out and pretty soon everyone was up dancing - all the girls dance with their drinks in their hands - I thought it was because it was to guard their drinks but they said no, they just didn't want to put them down to dance. We finally left at about 1am - Shelley drove us back to the motel. Susan left at about 3am and Lindsey, the bride drove them home. Talk about a designated driver ;0) But it is always a good time to spend with family. Joanne flew all the way from Calgary and there was a friend of the bride's who flew in from Australia. It is always nice to come home for weddings and parties instead of funerals - life is too short to miss special family events.
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Stacey said...

Troy look exactly like his dad in the picture of the wedding party outside of the barn... Holy cow!!!

looks like you guys had fun :)

Stacey said...

I meant to write 'looks'.... didn't proof read.... Yipes!