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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Those two pictures were of the Hooverville landing which is used for access to Tunnel Lake and the Missisaugi River. Cummings Lake just drains into Tunnel Lake and is just down due to the lack of precipitation we have experienced. We don't fish Cummings so I can't comment on how the fishing is. I do know that Tunnel Lake is down so much that all the usual fishing spots don't exist anymore. Ron D took us out on the Lake a couple of weeks ago (when there was more water in it) and all his favourite fishing spots didn't produce - when you are used to fishing in 12 feet of water and now it only holds 5 or 6 feet, the fish have moved on. It has affected the fishing big time. Only the bodies of water that hydro has anything to do with are affected to such an extent that the fishing is B A D ! ! ! Aubrey Lake and Rocky Island Lake are another two that have been affected. Letters have been written to our members of parliament to alert them to what is going on, but what good it will do remains to be seen but the tourist industry up here has been damaged. It is a shame. But there are still lots of places to fish up here - please don't give up on us.

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