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Saturday, February 19, 2011

0 FOR 2

In Thessalon, there is a curling club that has a Wing Nite every once in a while - last month we went but found out we were a week late. Well, last nite, we were sure it was that nite because we had read it in the Sentinel. We made plans with Linda and John and Bob to go. We craved those wings (altho we have never had them before). We headed out at about 4:45 - I had some grocery shopping to do at the Valu-Mart. The weather was not that good - strong winds blowing snow around. The 17 highway was closed due to the storm but 129 was not that bad. We arrived in town and saw that there were no cars in the grocery store parking lot - it flashed thru my mind great - no waiting. As we got closer, we could see no lights on and a sign on the door that said it was closed due to ... wait for it...a power failure!!! Yes, the whole town of Thessalon was closed down due to a power failure!!! We drove down to the curling club and a man standing outside of the arena said that they couldn't cook because there was no lights or power!! So we did the next best thing, we headed to the Legion to see Al. He would know what was going on. It was dark inside but there were a couple of lanterns. They had a drink and we joked around with Al and the bartendress. We were hungry so we headed for the pizza place. It would take 45 minutes for a pizza so we settled for some subs. Everyone that came thru the door was offered big bucks for their pizzas but no takers. We finally headed home - no wings for us. Hopefully the next time we will finally get our wings...

See Ya Bye

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