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Sunday, February 13, 2011


First off I have to apologize that there are no pictures from last nite's sauna - well ,there was, but this is a "G" rated blog. I did go in the snow and left an imprint of boobs. I reviewed the pictures today and, sorry, I am not going to post them. You will have to use your imagination. But they did leave quite the imprint if I do say so myself. We are expecting rain this week so the evidence will be washed away.

This morning it looked like freezing rain outside - there was a coating on the trees and pine needles that looked like ice. I got dressed and got some pictures - I think it was just a hoar frost, I think they call it. But very beautiful. I got a few pictures.

We went to the brunch at the Sinton again today - delicious. There was John and Linda, Rejean and myself and Bob. We met Robin, Randy and Donna there. After brunch we went for a little drive out to the point where they have built some new houses - and we ran into some friends who live there - we were asked in for a visit. We got the tour. Very nice. I like seeing inside some people's houses - to see how they decorate and maybe get some ideas. She had one bathroom that was designed around a painting of a woman standing by the seashore with a long flowing red dress on. Her walls were painted the same red - stunning. After our visit there, we stopped by John and Linda's for another drink and finally left at 4:30!! That pretty much was my day. I did my new workout cd (I bought a 19" Toshiba flat screen tv for my workout DVDs - I originally had a portable DVD player but realized I needed a bigger screen and better sound) It is going to be built into the wall between the workout room and the bar - on a lazy susan so that it can be turned to either room when needed. Each opening will have a door on it so it can be hidden from the room it is not being used in. Rejean's brain at work again. But I think it is a great idea - it is what we will be working on this week. For sure I will post the work in progress.

See Ya Bye

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