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Sunday, February 27, 2011


The finished product

I didn't put any cucumber in it - that was for the salad - it just must have slipped in there unnoticed. Notice the Sour Dough Bread - I had to put it in the very back of my car so I wouldn't munch on it on the way home - it is my downfall.

I watched the Marilyn Dennis show the other day and they had a chef on that made a lasagna from Italian sausage. It looks good so I decided to give it a try. I went on the web site and printed out the recipe. I got all the ingredients - I hate to say how much it all cost - I could have eaten out at Tina's On Main in Thessalon a couple of times for what I paid for the fixin's. But, that is beside the point. I got all the stuff together and poured myself a nice glass of white wine - Hochtaler - in the box (keeps it fresh). It all came together well, altho I questioned some of the quantities of certain ingredients, but I did follow the recipe pretty well - I did add more cheese.

Sometimes when I cook lasagna, it turns out more like lasagna soup - but not this time. It was, on a scale of 1 to 10, a 7. The sausage tasted great - I used Pino's Italian sausage and it added a different taste - and texture - I preferred it, actually.

There is enough left for the rest of the week's dinners - not sure I want to do that...

See Ya Bye


Barbara-Anne said...

Boy that Lasagne looks AWESOME Janet!
Funny, I went to an Oscar party last night and the hostess served sausage lasagne too!
Hers was a bit crunchy - burnt on top....not like yours...picture perfect!
See you in May!!!

Anonymous said...

i really like your mushroom lasagne-did it top that?glasses are great-wish i had taken pics of what i want to make-can't remember-sistersue

Anonymous said...

Looks good, putting a good meal together doent come cheap and usually takes time. Left over Lasagne freezes really well.