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Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is a picture of 2 pine grosbeaks - they are finally here. We didn't see them at all last year but the year before we had tons - both the pine grosbeaks and the evening grosbeaks. I think they look like parrots - they are a pretty red color and the evening ones are gold and black - beautiful.
This year has been hard on the birds - I am on my 3rd 50 pound bag of black oil seed - it is a small, black sunflower seed - the first year I was here, I made the mistake of buying the same type seed I used in Windsor - it was a combination of a bunch of seeds - the birds just ignored it. I later found out from the locals that the birds up here like the black oil. I guess it is the best bang for their buck - the one that gives them the most energy I suppose. But they certainly like it. Even the little squirrels. I also put out suet for the birds - I am hoping to get back my little wood peckers. I haven't seen them this year either.
It is a beautiful sunny day out there - I was out refilling the bird feeders in my t-shirt. Mind you I wasn't out long but it wasn't that bad. Sauna tonite at Joanne and Mitch's and I promised I would jump in the snow - last time I just stood in the snow but tonite I WILL lay down and do angels. I promise. I will have to have some alcohol tho, just to get my courage up. We put the beer in a bucket of snow to keep it chilled and put snowballs on the rocks to get the steam going. And we put styrofoam cups over our beer bottles so we don't burn our mouths - I even have to take out my earings - they get hot!!!
See Ya Bye
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