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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I like the way the owl is mounted - on a moose rack

A nice looking bear - I like the brown nose

This guy was right in the front door - nice greeter

Look at that thing hanging down - is that a warning????

An 11 pound Brook Trout!!! The world record is 14 something.

Can you spot the deer?

First off, we went to Blind River with Ron and Mary this morning at 8:30am - I sat in the front as usual, next to a door. We were headed to the MNR to pick up some netting equipment for the summer lake studies AND to pick up something special. Burt first, back to the drive up. We went down 554 towards Iron Bridge and hoped to see some deer - they winter down towards Iron Bridge. We saw a few on a hill feeding -hope you can see them.

Arrived in Blind River and loaded up the stuff PLUS an 11 pound Brook Trout!!! Yes boys and girls, an eleven pound Brook Trout. It was caught in a night net while the the lake was being surveyed. By the time they arrived the next morning, the fish had died. But they didn't know what it was - was it a Splake or a Brook Trout. Because it was so big they didn't think it COULD be a Brookie - but the MNR did a DNA thing and it was confirmed to be a Brook Trout. So the guys are going to have it mounted and then pass it around like the Stanley Cup to be displayed in the members homes or even Little Rapids General Store - he was interested in displaying it. Quite a conversation starter.

But first we had to take it to the Taxidermist. There just happens to be one in Little Rapids. I will definitely get his name for you - I think it was Jeff. We pulled up and were greeted by the skeleton of, I think a Bob Cat hanging from the building, surrounded by pieces of drift wood for mounting. We headed inside with the owner and had a look around. It was amazing - when you first walked in the door, you were greeted by a black bear mount that was blocking the pathway to "the display room". It was very life like. He had a number of mounts in the display room. Another black bear mount - it was big!! And Jeff explained that the bear had been hit by a truck so he uses it for shows to show off his skills. There were a couple of deer heads that I thought were very nice. The expression on the face of the deer - you could swear it was looking at you and alive. He had a couple of owls mounted. I liked them. We found out that it is going to take about a year to get the fish back!!! He is very busy but he said he would see what he could do. He had never seen a Brookie that big either.

Time to go - we had lunch at the Sinton Tavern in town. Jim from the Outpost is doing the lunches at the tavern. Remember he did the brunch the other day. The soup was cabbage beef so I had 2 bowls (it was very cold today) then we headed home.

Rejean got my Sony Dash, that I got for my birthday from Stacey and Andrew, to work - it's a techy thing - I'll blog about that at another time.

That's it!! That was my day - I didn't blog about the usual stuff I do - just the exciting part.

See Ya Bye

ps - I missed my favourite tv show - The Big Bang Theory to blog tonite

and thanks for the heads up about Steelers and Patriots - I was having trouble before about that, is corrected

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Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...

I think I saw 3 or 4 deer :-) Not a fan of taxidermy :(