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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I get to the dentist's office and announce my name - she asks which dentist I am here to see and I produce my appointment card indicating that I am here to see the gum specialist. She takes the card, and gives me a funny look and says yes, that is her writing but the appointment is for next Tuesday, not this Tuesday. What can you do? I drove 7 hours to get here and I can't come back next Tuesday. So I collected my teeth guard to wear at night because they say I probably grit my teeth but I don't think I do but it will alleviate the headaches that come from gritting my teeth but I don't get head aches but she says I probably do but don't know it???? So then we head to London at about 2:30 to beat the storm that is heading our way. The 401 was perfect except I have never seen so many semis. All trying to beat the storm as well.
We went to Stacey and Andrew's condo and relaxed until dinner. It started to get real windy and by the time we left the restaurant, it was a blizzard - but this morning there really wasn't that much snow on the ground - from the apartment window you could still see the parking lot was bare of snow. But they are still expecting more today. Tomorrow, it should be great driving conditions to head to Listowel and my sister Susan's place. Steak for dinner - yum yum. Then we head back home on Friday and the forecast looks fine. Super Bowl party at Axe Lake - can't miss that. I have to bring the sour dough bread for the chili. I hope it makes it there without me eating it all - bread is my downfall. Especially sour dough. Take care.
See ya Bye


elizabeth said...

What a dental disaster--
exactly the sort of thing I'd do!
We are chilly in New York
but I bet you are colder.
Greetings from Buster's mum!

Anonymous said...

Steak Yum Yum when did you start liking steak ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

Feb 3rd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you make it a special day

Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...

Happy Birthday Yanet!! Hope it's a blast :-)

Natalie Tremblay said...

My girls tell me its "mummy brain" when I do something like that.. and I've done it..thankfully not over that long distance. YJGL..You just gotta laugh.

Happy birthday Janet.

Also have an extra slice of bread for me at the superbowl party.. I love bread! Hi's to all up there too!