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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Rejean, myself, Ron, Joy and Arnold headed out this morning for a day of ice fishing for brook trout. We arrived at about 10:30am and set up. It started out good - Rejean got the first one on my tip-up - I was gathering fire wood. The day progressed, we had lunch and Arnold went to another part of the lake to try his luck. It was just a short distance away from where we all were. He drilled one hole and it seemed to take forever to get thru to the water so that indicated that the ice was a good depth. The next hole he drilled was different - he broke thru quickly - he sensed something was up and started his machine to move it. Well, it started to sink in the rear end. Ron saw what was happening and we all went running over to help. Rejean had ropes and we attached them to one of the skiis and we all tried to pull it out while keeping a safe distance from the machine. Rejean at one point, was up to his knee in water - he quickly moved to a safer area. We realized we couldn't pull it out without the help of another machine. Ron unhooked his toboggan and positioned his machine in front it. We hooked the ropes up and, while Ron was gunning his machine, we all pulled and out Arnold's machine came. Ron's machine, because he was gunning it, appeared to be sinking as well but he quickly got out of the area.
Everyone was safe and sound - it certainly warmed us all up. Got the blood flowing for sure. Thank goodness we had ropes - all part of equipment that you need to have when you go out ice fishing. You never know when an emergency will present itself. 3 fish were caught in all and a few were lost. In spite of the drama, we had a great time.
See ya Bye
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Andy said...

Joan finally figured out how to become a follower. She has been a die hard fan since the beginning. :) Now we just need to get the Barr's to officially become followers. :)

Andy said...

I just realized that Andy was logged on to his Gmail account and what I wrote showed up as him.