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Monday, February 7, 2011


Even the ceiling is nice...
The bar area - that's Bob on the right.

Linda - not too interested in the game.

Skip getting a good seat - that poker table is made out of Amaretto bottle tops

Bob's party garage all lite up - a few people came on their snow machines

I think Ron was a pool shark in his previous life - he was good. Keith - I delivered a sympathy card to him at the Post this morning - he took the gesture well. His Steelers lost but he reminded me that they have won 6 of their 8 Super Bowl appearances. Not bad. And I wasn't in the money in the pool. I could have won $75!!! Just by putting my name on a square that has absolutely no meaning to me whatsoever.

We arrived at the party garage at about 5pm and everyone was already there. Bob brought out his chili and John's chili. I cut my sour dough bread and I was the first one in line for the food. I am not shy when it comes to food. I mixed the two chilis together in my bowl and set a trend - everyone else did the same. John's was a venison chili and Bob's more of a vegetable chili. Both very good but great together. There was a shrimp ring, venison pepperettes and cheese plus other munchies. And cookies and cake for desert!!! I must admit I went back for seconds of the chili (and bread) and I had one cookie - chocolate chip!!

Some people were playing pool and others were watching the game. We had pizza at half time and it was very goodl. I was for the Steelers but it seemed no one was really for any one team. And Linda and I maintained...if you remember the little Super Bowl incident from a couple of years ago - it had to do with a pool table and whip cream...and it involved Linda, not me. I had sense enough to go home when I couldn't see straight.

Everyone left after the game - a mass exedus for the doors. Bob was a good host, tho. We have to be good because he wouldn't invite us back again next.
See Ya Bye

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