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Sunday, February 20, 2011

1 TV - 2 ROOMS

Well, it is installed and it rocks!! We had purchased a 19" Toshiba tv for my workout room. We were intending to get one for the bar area as well. Rejean thought up a solution. We installed the one tv in the wall and put it on a lazy susan type device and it works for both rooms!! There is a door on the workout side right now and, when it is done, there will be one on the bar side. But it is hooked up to the satellite and the pvr and it has a built in DVD player!! What more could I want? I tried it out yesterday and it is at the right height for me and for the bar area. You can see it from each position at the bar. We will eventually hook it up to the speaker system so you can play music DVDs like the Eagles or Roy Orbison. It has room for the remotes and for insertion and ejection of the DVDs.

The pine doors will eventually darken to match the walls that have been up for about a year and the knob matches the cupboard doors in the room. Life IS good!! It makes my workouts so much more easier. Thank you Rejean!!!

See Ya Bye

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