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Monday, August 17, 2009


And I blame it all on Rick and Joan. They brought up a cd of the first season and we watched it after dinner. Well, do I have to tell you that we are thoroughly addicted to it now. I can't wait for tonite when we will watch the program from last nite that we taped (to zap thru the commercials) I enjoy all the characters. And I love the way Bill says Sookie. I like Bill.
Actually Rick and Joan got us on Dexter and we really enjoy that series. We got started on Nurse Jackie and Hung. Great shows - I highly recommend them all. It helps pass the time up here during the looooong winter months.
Went to the Sault today shopping with Joan and Linda - Koolaid for 5 cents!!!! What a bargoon!!!
Tomorrow I get my walk in and just putz.
See Ya By

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Stacey said...

I love True Blood also!!! Just started watching it about a month ago.