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Saturday, August 1, 2009


The top picture is of one of the creels soooo ful o'fish that one of the fish's tail was sticking out. The 4 of us headed to a secret (from you) spot and proceeded to each catch 2 fish each. 2+2+2+2=8 fish!!! Joanne caught a monster bass and a beautiful brookie - I got 2 pickerel - one a niiiice size - Mitch and Rejean each caught 2 bass. It was one of the best days fishing ever - and it is always nice when everyone catches something. Joanne has the pictures of all of us as I forgot how to use the timer on mine (I do have to sit down one day and get the manual out for my camera). But we had a great time and all the action was around high noon!! Hard to believe catching a pickerel that size at high noon in the bright sun but - as I said - the fishing Gods must have been smiling. We all were keeping Jack in mind and how we were going to rub it in when we saw him.
We had a great bass dinner that night - Joanne and Mitch each got a fillet of her brook trout - it was delicious. We don't eat bass that often but when you have that many you do. And there is enough for a fish dinner tonight that Sue and Jack can enjoy too.
When we fish, we keep our fish to enjoy at dinner. We never waste the fish. Some people may find fault with keeping fish to eat - saying we should catch and release but we enjoy eating our catch. Some we do release if they are too big or too small. But, that is just one of the perks of fishing - you get to eat what you catch. We had bass, trout and pickerel - we were just waiting for the pike and rainbow to hit - maybe today.
All the sisters are together now - let the fun begin....
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