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Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have been coming up here for 30 years and I have lived up here 4 years but yesterday was the first time I have fished the Mississaugi in a boat and it was a very fruitful fishing adventure. We came home with 10 fish - 8 bass and 2 pickerel. What a stringer!! It's nice to see that every once in a while.
Ron was our captain and it was his boat we fished from. We rode our 4 wheelers down to the river and Ron pulled the boat behind his Rino. He even had shorts and a t-shirt on. I was ready for any type of weather - I had on a t-shirt, a turtle neck over top and my green fleece. I also had a down vest in the tote for the ride home - and I had gloves. But I was not overdressed - I could shed any number of layers and I did - when you weren't in the shade it was warm.
We got to our first spot and I was the first to cast in and bang - a nice bass. In the current they are quite feisty. And just a few casts later I hooked int my second bass. I was using just a hook and a worm and 3 split shot. Ron was casting real frogs (he didn't let me near them or I would have set them free). the action slowed so we moved on to another spot. Rejean was in charge of the anchor and put it down beside a steep dune. A couple of more bass were caught - again in the current they really feel big!!
Ron took us to a spot that we had heard of but never had the opportunity to see. It was featured in a beer commercial a couple of years ago. Absolutely stunning scenery. We took a break from fishing to view the towering rocks.
But we quickly returned to fishing and saved some time before we quit to fish Ron's favourite spot. We anchored and started casting. Ron was again using frogs (he had tried leeches - I won't touch them - and they worked for a time)
Rejean was using Gulp minnows and I was sticking to hook, worm and split shot. We were casting and catching some. I hooked into a big sucker - you think Angelina Jolet has big lips - you should have seen the lips on my fish - I did not kiss this one. I then experienced a slight pull on my worm but not a snag. When I checked my worm, part of it was gone. But it didn't feel like a hit. This happened about 5-6 times and each time it seemed like I was hitting dead line in the water. Ron and Rejean said it may be a fish because my worm was always missing or bit off. But it felt like a dead line but I said if it happened again I would try and set the hook. Well it happened again and I set the hook and I had a big bass on. He had been down there all along slurping my worms up. We had a good laugh about that one. We got back to the bikes just before it got real dark. It was fun riding the 4 wheelers along that trail in the dark, going over the wooden bridge and tearing down the highway (we have rear view mirrors on the 4 wheelers so we would be able to see cars coming up behind us and we would have gone on to the side of the road) with just your headlights to see - no street lights up here.
We are having a big fish fry Friday nite - there has to be 8 pounds of fillets in my fridge right now. Yum Yum.
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