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Thursday, August 6, 2009


The competition between my two brothers-in-law continued this year. It is fun to watch and could possibly be the highlight of the trip. They both caught fish this time - the weather was bad but the fishing was great. In no particular order Mitch (on top - randomly picked to be there) is holding his big bass caught in the Mississaugi the morning they got up at 5:30 am after a night of partying for Mitch's birthday. He got a few big one's but unintentionally lost a fish he was trying the net for Rejean (sabotage?) He was also in on the successful Brook Trout outing plus the big one's in our lake. Jack can be seen holding a niiiice pickerel caught in the Mississaugi that same morning. Jack was trying to make up for loosing some brook trout to Jacques. Even the girls caught fish. Sue caught some nice one's on our lake and I have the video to prove it. If someone knows how to post a video on Blogger, please let me know because I have some great footage.
Jack went home with some trout, bass and pickerel - it's always nice to share and he's cooking some for his mother. Enjoy!!
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