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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Please excuse the baggy ass but that is the way the waders fit and I have my rain coat stuffed in the back of my fishing vest so I look lumpy - do I sound vain? You really don't go for fashion up here - you go for equipment and comfort.

It was a nice day so Rejean and I decided to go fishing on a stream this afternoon. We didn't take our creels and pushed the barbs down on the hooks - it was a catch and release day. It was a newer stream where the guys all had good luck on. I had never been so today it was my turn. We came across this flat area on the stream and in the distance I could see some splashing in the water - as I looked closer it was 3 river otters swimming towards us. But they were diving down into the water, sometimes their tails waving in the water - every now and then they would keep their heads above water and appeared to be eating. We thought that they were chasing and catching and eating the fish. they certainly were having a good time - splashing around in the water - you could see their backs and tails going into the water - like dolphins. We stood still and hoped that they would make their way closer to us but the wind must have been carrying our scent downwind to them. They all three looked up and slowly swam in the other direction - diving and splashing their way up stream away from us. I had never seen that before and it was exciting. Seeing three otters splashing and looking for food was great. We got up to where they were feeding and noticed that the rocks under the water had all been moved recently. We think that the otters were moving the rocks to look for crayfish. That's why their tails were waving above the water - they were moving rocks with their hands and as they dove down, their tails waved up above the water.

We did catch about 15 little brook trouts and one rainbow - all sizes. They were very spunky and gave us a good fight.
Now a nice relaxing evening after a day dancing on the slippery rocks in the stream.
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