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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our neighbourhood dump was broken into last week!!! Yes, someone actually cut the chain locks at the gate and took our compactor (that didn't work but it contained a lot of good parts including a nice motor), our trailer (to transport the compactor that didn't work) and then broke into the the little hut to steal all our garbage bags we use for the recyclables. Now we have no trailer to transport all our recyclables to the recycling centre so it will all pile up and we have no garbage bags for the recyclables. I don't know what gets into some peoples minds - I figure it was someone who has been to the dump to see what we had. I think they went right for the compactor and the trailer was just an afterthought to transport the thing. The garbage bag theft was just adding insult to injury. Buy your own garbage bags for goodness sakes.
AND all the food left over from the Stag and Doe last weekend was stolen right out of the fridge that same night before the family could take the food home that night. We were there until 1am and there weren't that many people left in the arena. Someone must have really needed that food to take it. It just goes to show you that crime is everywhere - even up here in paradise.
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Stacey said...

Geez.... sometimes people make me shake my head!!!