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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last night all our eyes were on the night sky for the meteor shower - we saw some amazing meteors streaking across the skies. Some had tails that lasted for a couple of seconds and some were just a flash - if you weren't watching you didn't see them. We all decided tonite we would plant our chairs down on the dock and just sit and watch - we have a great view over the lake - unobstructed by trees. I hope I can stay awake to see it. It is called the Perseid's Meteor Shower and tonite is one of the best times to view it and what a perfect venue than Cheney Lake. Apparently the best hours are the early morning but I am only going to stay out til about mid night.

The little ones went home today and a good time was had by all. I enjoy them. We don't have any human grandkids (I have furbabies - Sadie and Satch) so Gavin, Melina and Jake kind of fill the gap. I never once was stressed out or couldn't handle them. It was a treat to have them around. Melina wants to go fishing next year but she doesn't want to kiss the fishes. I told her I would kiss them for her.
Got my walk in today and it is warm enough to get my bathing suit on (we have company you know) and sit out and catch some rays.
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