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Friday, August 7, 2009


Am I not supposed to be retired - as in do not have to work anymore? Tell that to me. It's Pig Roast Weekend!!!! I started working today at 9am - I took Cheryle with me. She had offered to before so I took her up on it. When we arrived we found out that we are pretty much booked solid for the 5 & 6pm seating so we may have to make a 7pm seating. Could be cooking for 300 people!!! I seemed to be put in charge of pasta, potato, macaroni and carrot salads plus my famous deviled eggs. I boiled a lot of eggs today. I boiled a lot of pasta today. I peeled a ton of carrots (I ate a couple) and I mashed a lot of potatoes (up here they kind of mash the potatoes for the potato salad - I usually cube mine - but I am willing to try anything. We worked until 3:30 - never sat down once (I did go to the bathroom 2x so I guess I did sit down) all day. Tomorrow pretty much the same - do my eggs, put the cut up veggies in the other salads and bake pies. I couldn't pay too much attention today to them making the butter tarts but I'll get the recipe from them.
Everyone one arrived home safely - Joanne called at 9:30pm our time and when I tried to call Susan, it was busy so she must have arrived. Another vacation done. A good time was had by all.
Well must get some relaxation in before tomorrow. It will be a long hard weekend.
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