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Friday, May 8, 2009


These two pictures were taken yesterday, Thursday. We attempted to start splitting the wood but it started to rain. I packed the cooler with the beverages and I got to put snow in it to keep it cool. There is not much left now. It is one big pile o'wood. There are 30 trees there so it should be enough to get us thru the next winter and a half.
Today Rejean continued to work on the bulk head for the bathroom and I decided to sand the dock. It was a beautiful day - for a day that they said would be rainy, it turned out to be sunny and warm. I first went out for a garbage run and got a full bag. Then I came home and headed out to the dock. I used an orbital sander and just lightly sanded it down. it bought the nice cedar smell and color back. And smoothed down some rough spots - don't want the tourists getting any splinters.
Tomorrow I can varathan the stuff Rejean made today. Then we can get back to the splitting. And it's dump day. It never stops.
We sat out on the septic bed (out of the wind) and fed the squirrels the last of the peanuts. They are so entertaining. They spent more time chasing each other than eating.
That's it for today.
See Ya By
PS I also did the weather report today for the first time this year.

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