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Thursday, May 28, 2009


It has been a bit rainy the past few days so we decided to do a bit of work inside. We did finish the floor in the workout room. Rejean finished today, putting the baseboards and the transition pieces in place. I just have to repaint the bathroom door (it is a bright white and it shouldn't be) tomorrow and it be done. We then move the treadmill and the weight machine in and we are done. Now we can play all summer long. No projects until the fall.
Ricky is leaving tomorrow morning so tonite we are heading out to P--P-- to do some pickerel fishing. I get in trouble when I say the name of the place we are going - fishermen stuff. Lasagna tonite left over from last night - Jim-bob brought it up and we never got a chance to eat it. Salad, fresh bread and lasagna - delicious.
I got my planters done yesterday. I arrived at the greenhouse at about 12:25 and asked about the special offer and was instructed to take my planters over to a specific greenhouse where Aunt Pat would take care of me. As soon as I got my planters there people started arriving by the carloads. I quickly picked out my petunias, geraniums and ivy and she was planting my planters. Free soil, fertilizer and labour. They look marvelous. I also got all my veggie plants - I had to hit ValueMart in Thessalon for lettuce because everyone else was right out. I will plant them all this weekend - hope there will be no more snow or frost.
That's about it for now. I will take my camera tonite and capture all the fun and exciting events fishing tonite. It should be a good evening. The bugs are bad so the fishing should be good.
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Anonymous said...

love the floor-did you say garlic bread-homemade???-sister sue

Anonymous said...

Wow! The room looks great! I'm sure you will enjoy it!
Barry says looking at the fishing pictures makes him jealous! I see you girls on your 4wheels and wish I lived there too! A day with the girls is always fun!

Anonymous said...

Not this time Susan. No Time!!

Wendy! said...

Great floor! Is that vinyl or tile?

Did you post pictures of your shower yet?

Best wishes,