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Saturday, May 9, 2009


It finally happened. I knew that it would happen eventually. Flesh and blood and bone is no match for heavy logs and steel. I did have gloves on and it took a while for me to take them off. What I did was catch my finger between a log and the blade of the wood splitter when I was putting it on the cradle to split.. Boy did it hurt. I danced around for a while and wouldn't let Rejean look at it. I slowly pulled the glove off after about 5 minutes and saw the blood right away. I took a few glances and my stomach just about lurched. It wasn't broken or cut off but I squashed & sliced the skin off from just beside and below my nail. Rejean had a small band aid in his pocket and put it on - well it was bleeding thru. I wrapped a Kleenex around it and took my car and headed back to the house to fix it up - by myself. I got home and all I could do was run water on it. When the pressure was relaxed on it, it stung. I left the original band aid on and just ran the peroxide over it. I was just packing up all the medical stuff to take back to the scene of the medical emergency when Rejean pulled up - he thought I had passed out I was taking so long. He fixed me up - you can see the result in the picture. I did manage to get a glove on my right hand and went back to work. What a trouper!! You can bet that I was very aware of where my fingers and hands were after that. After supper Rejean changed the band aid and I got a better look at it. It's going to take a bit of time for this to heal. You know how much it hurts when you have a rip in your cuticle? Well this is a lot worse. I may loose my nail. And I borrowed Stacey's rubber gloves to do my dishes. I'll replace them.

We did manage to get 6 chords done - face chords not bush chords. 8ft long and 4ft high for the face chord - apparently a bush chord is 8ft long, 4ft wide and 4 ft wide. We may get another 6 chords out of our wood. We need about 15 chords so we may be back out in the bush again. We'll see. We'll be back out there again tomorrow.

Those yummy looking bugs are found in the wood. Apparently they are good for fishing but I wouldn't touch those things with a ten foot pole - they are UGLY.

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