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Friday, May 29, 2009


Got Fish? We do. We headed out last night (Thursday) at about 6:30 - I took my own car just in case I wanted to come home early (always have a way out). Gerry met us there at about 7pm. I headed over to my rock and the guys went over to the bay as always. They got set up and BANG - Rick got a fish with his first cast. Rejean netted it for him like a kind brother should do. The fish was safely on the stringer. Rick casts in again and BANG - another fish. Wow - it could be a good nite. A few minutes later another gentleman comes down to fish and makes his way past Rejean and Rick. Long story short, it was a great nite for all - except this poor gentleman. He never caught a fish all night long. Rejean, Rick, Gerry and even myself were doing very well. It must be frustrating seeing everyone else catch fish but yourself. There is a technique to fishing for the pickerel in this area. You don't just cast out and reel in. You cast out, let it sink for a moment, then give the rod a quick jerk, let it sink down, then another quick jerk. You usually feel them on the quick jerk. Then you have to reel like crazy because they seem to swim towards you and you have to set the hook by reeling in quickly. We got a few small ones and a couple of bigger ones. We got our limit and Gerry got 3. A very good nite.

When we got home the fish were put in a wire basket and set down into our lake over night. This morning when Rejean was picking up the basket, he saw one escape through a hole in the basket - we had lost a couple before and couldn't figure out how they had escaped. We even blamed the raccoons. The hole is not there anymore needless to say.

Rick got off early this morning. Vacation time is over - but, being retired, can it really be called a vacation? Thanks for all your help Ricky. I got him a pair of red suspenders for all his help. They do help keep the pants up when working or fishing. He wore them well.

Rejean and I managed to move the treadmill and weight machine over to the workout room. Looks great and now we have tons of room in the other room. Everything is clean and tidy til the next batch of tourists appear.

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