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Thursday, May 21, 2009


You always hear "What do you do up there all day" and "Don't you get bored?" Well, judging from the past couple of days, never!!! Yesterday the girls went out on our annual all dayer - we went to Snowshoe and tried our hand at fishing. Nothing there so we moved on. We ran into Bob, from Axe Lake and he drove his 4 wheeler across the mouth of Snowshoe where it runs into the Mississaugi River. Well the other bikes made it over no problem but my little 250 had a bit of a problem. I did manage to get across but I could feel myself being pushed into the river the force of the stream was so great. I finally made it but I had a bit of a soaker. Oh well, onward we go. We didn't fish the other spot because Bob was heading over there so we left it for him. We got up the trail a bit but had to turn around because there were too many trees down over the trail. We headed down some logging roads. We came across a little stream and I got the fishing gear out and got a beaut of a brookie. We continued on and - I am always amazed that we come out at places we know. Some of those trails seem to go on and on and at times you don't know where you are but we always seem to be lucky enough not to get lost. I was aware of our situation at all times. We had long sleeved clothing, beverages and I had a white shirt on that I could waive at the search helicopter in case of a search party.

Today we watched the helicopter load up and carry fish for stocking of 42 lakes in the area. Amazing to watch it. I have never been so close to a helicopter before. I took 87 pictures between today and yesterday. One of the MNR guys gave me his card and wants me to email him my pictures of the action today. They were loading brook trout, splake, rainbows etc. I will post a few pictures for your pleasure. Enjoy.

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Western gal said...

I miss you guys... that should be me on the other 4-wheeler!! Hope you guys had fun, can't wait til our time!

Anonymous said...

It is just around the corner - we'll have our fun then. Practise your cocktail drinking skills.
Your sister.

Stacey said...

If you're afraid of heights or get motion sick.... that is about as close to a helicopter as you wanna get!!!