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Saturday, May 16, 2009


A very successful opener because I got a fish (and I lost one) Rick and Rejean each got one and that was by the time I left - because it is f--king cold out there. We have accumulation!!! It has been snowing here since after dinner. It was like driving thru a small blizzard when I came home - needless to say I have the fires going. But it was a good night. When we got there I set up on the rocks and all the guys (Rejean, Rick and Jerry) headed over to the bay - there were two men there already fishing. I say it was about my 4th cast in when I got one. I was a good fight - they don't fight very much but he pulled. I beached him and got the jig out of his mouth and, because I didn't have a stringer, I had to walk it over to the guys. Rejean met me halfway and took my picture with my fish. Then I walked back and lost one. They seem to swim right at you and you have to reel in quickly - I did but he got off a short time later. Duh. Nothing since then and it got colder and I was right in the wind. I called it quits at about 8pm. They guys are still there so keep your fingers crossed. It may be a fish dinner for the boys coming in tomorrow - Steve and Jim-Bob. Or it could be quiche. Which would you rather have?
Just thought I would let you see tonite's activities. Great fun.
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Anonymous said...

Nice fish, good job. What was the final count for the evening??.

Anonymous said...

Whats with the snow? what happened to the nice weather we brought up a couple of weeks ago ?? Nice fish ! are you going fishing again tonight ? TTYL