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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We were all set to go this morning by 9:37am. When we got to the spot we had to do some trimming and chainsawing - the trail in was a mess. Rick and I manned the clippers and Rejean had the chainsaw. We cleared a path and got to the spot. Rejean and I went downstream and Rick went up stream. The water was running fast and high. Beautiful holes but no fish. I got a small brookie. We headed back up stream where Rick was - we knew he had got a nice rainbow because we have radios and he let us know all the details. We made our way around him and let him fish the waterfall. Rejean lost a big brookie - I was watching from a little further ahead and saw him fight him. But the shore was brush and he couldn't get the net out in time and he got off in the fast water. I saw the flash of orange and knew it was a big brookie. Rick got more at other holes. He was the Fish King today. On the way out we stopped at a certain spot where my friend Chris always gets a rainbow and - lo and behold - I got one there today as well. A nice one. Don't worry Chris - there are more where that one came from.
Tonite we are having pickerel and french fries. Yum Yum. I think Rick is taking the fish he caught today home for his family. How nice.
It has been a good couple of weeks fishing - the bugs are bad so the fishing is good. I swallowed a couple today. I hate it when they get around my eyes. Nasty little buggers.
We have a fire going right now - it cooled down considerably this afternoon.
Tomorrow I head to a greenhouse that, if you bring your pots in and buy the plants, they will plant them for you and supply all the soil you need free!! What a bargoon. I like petunias.
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