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Monday, May 18, 2009


The guys - just taking it easy yesterday. From the left we have Jim-Bob, Rejean, Steve-o and Ricky - looks like trouble to me. It was a nice day but cold and breezy (read windy). It was nice in the sun over by the trailer out of the breeze. Cocktails in hand of course.
Right now they are all out fishing on the river someplace (I actually know exactly where they are but I got in trouble for identifying the exact spot in other blogs. You aren't supposed to tell where your good spots are - as if people up here don't know) so it will remain secret. You will have to kill me for that information. I have finished baking the birthday cupcakes and birthday lasagna for 9. It's Susan's birthday today. She is 54 so that makes me 52 again. That's the age she gave me so that is what I am going to use. I could stand to loose a couple of years. Joanne, that makes you under 50!!! Take it.
Sue, Jack, Robbie and Leeanne will be arriving soon. I am ready. We have such a good time with them. The All Dayer 4 Wheeler Girls Only Trip is scheduled for Wednesday - sunny and 23 degrees - we will be going so fast the bugs won't be able to catch us. We will pack our fishing boxes and take advantage of any spot we happen to come across - and there will be a few. Always be prepared. Susan is in charge of beverages. Pictures to follow.
Well that's it for now - hope everyone had a great long weekend - when you are retired, every weekend is a long weekend. Sorry.
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