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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


That's Chris' hand next to a moose track we came across in our adventure today. And it was fresh. We took off on her 4wheeler down Little Pickerel lake road - we were gone for about 3 hours - a short trip by my standards but a good first time for Chris. We were up and down the hydro lines and down some trails we found. I got off once so she could get down a steep hill - I value my life and when I come across something I am not comfortable with, I don't hesitate to jump off and walk down. We made it. We saw some partridge (hope they stick around til September) hawks and a lot of tracks and scat (poop). I got some good pictures of it (weird I know). Today was a day of rest for us. We got the final trees down yesterday and I will take a picture of the final pile tomorrow. Now the fun stuff - splitting. I do enjoy that. I like watching and hearing the wood split. It's fascinating. Then we have to stack it over at the other property til it dries out and then move it to the wood sheds in September. I will do a blog on how many times each piece of wood is touched - I bet you will be surprised. Chris and Egon leave tomorrow - it was a good visit. They will be back at the end of June with their new boat!!! Tunnel Lake here we come. I asked how many things they can trailer because they have to bring their 4wheeler back. It's good when everyone has their own bike or in this case a legal 2 upper. It is like riding an elephant to be a passenger (or at least what I think and elephant ride would be like) It is a smooth ride but you are tossed back and forth on the bumps and you are hanging on to two handles at the side and sitting on a very comfortable seat. Not bad. We found a stream (Susan and Joanne have been there before - where the Puddingstone rocks are -I found one and hid it until I go back with the sisters) and we will go back with a rod and reel to fish it in June. Good trout stream. Chris is so photogenic - she got her pants wet posing for that picture.
Well that is it for now - cocktail time. Oh I hate being retired....
See ya By

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