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Saturday, May 16, 2009


We are going fishing tonite here at the secret spot. We checked it out last night and it looks good. We will have to wear our hip waders as there is very little shoreline to walk. We got all our fishing gear ready today and Rejean and Rick have just gone to check their minnow traps - (the Post sells them for $5 a dozen - nature does provide...) this is my first time being at the opener. As I said before I am usually down in Windsor because I firmly believe that you shouldn't interfere with tradition - Rick and Rejean and Jim-pBob have been doing this for many years but times change. This year my sister Susan and her husband Jack and two friends - Robbie and Lee-Ann are coming on Monday. Steven and Jim-Bob will be here on Sunday. The more the merrier. I am used to the crowds - they take care of themselves and it is fun. But getting back to tonite. We will be going out to be there at 6pm - we will fish until after dark. We have our headlights ready - they clip on your hat brim. Great for retieing. I am also taking my garbage bags and my picker-upper as there is a lot of garbage by the entrance to the secret spot. Why do people not feel they are doing something wrong when they just toss garbage out? It is amazing the amount of garbage up here. And now that the tourists are coming up, there will be more. I will never leave home without my garbage bags and picker-upper.
I feel lucky so tonite is the nite. I WILL catch fish. I caught the biggest rainbow trout of my life in Pig Pen so there is always that chance as well. I will take my camera to record this event and post the pictures tomorrow. Wish us luck...
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