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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes folks, that is a mosquito. And yes, they are just starting to come out. We were driven off the balcony last night and they are huge. And thirsty. I didn't get bitten. I have been taking vitamin B. Susan asked if I had heard that taking vitamin B would keep the mosquito's away. I had read about it and decided to be a guinea pig. I started taking one a day about 3 weeks ago so I have not really had a chance to test the results.
The other beautiful creature is a very close close-up of a black fly. They are out too. But not in the numbers that the mosquito's are. And after the rain today and tomorrow and the next day and the next day (get the picture) and the warmer weather, they will be here in hordes. I think our skin has become a bit thick because we don't get bitten as much as - excuse the wording - you city folk. So feel free to come on up - better you than me. And if the bugs are bad, the fishing is good. And the pickerel spawn is late so that is also good news for us fisherpeople. And the opener is next weekend. I have my fishing stuff ready.
We tried to start splitting the wood this morning but it started raining so I headed inside to clean and Rejean retreated to the garage to continue work on the bulk head for the bathroom. There is still a few things to finish. But it is functional. Chris and Egon even showered together in the new shower (too much information?) and they said it was very comfortable. Linda said she felt like she was in the Detroit/Windsor tunnel - everyone is a critic.
My dryer just went off so that means that I have to stop this and get back to work. A woman's work is never, ever done. Now if I could just get my windows clean...
See Ya By
ps - I promised a picture of the wood pile today but the camera is downstairs and I just don't want to get up and get it so how about tomorrow?

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