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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Finally!! We headed into the Sault to pick up Mitch and Joanne for 9:45am. We got there in time and waited by the window - looking at fog. Finally at about 10am it was announced that the flight was being diverted to Sudbury to refuel and then back to the Sault to attempt a landing. A flight attendant told Joanne on the plane that she had never heard of a flight not being able to land at the Sault. The flight was scheduled to arrive at 11:40am and did. We had a nice cold beverage for them waiting in the car. We got all our shopping done and then headed to St. Joseph Island for lunch. All the years we have been coming up here and we never managed to stop there - but we did today. We stopped at a restaurant called Mom's and it was pretty good. Poor Mitch was nodding off on the way home - they had caught the red eye out of Calgary at midnight into Toronto, then caught the little puddle jumper to the Sault. They really didn't get a chance to sleep on the plane. So needless to say they were pretty tired. They are both sleeping right now (as is Rejean) getting all rested up for the big fireworks tonite on Jobam. Tomorrow we will hit the Mississaugi - Mitch has a new pair of waders he is dieing to try. Dinner for tomorrow nite - yum yum.
Sue and Jack arrive on Friday nite - then we will all be together again.
See Ya By

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