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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just a little update to the bake sale we held last week at the Credit Union in town. We didn't sell out like last time (my fudge sold out fast - once I remembered to bring it in from the car). There were only a few cookies left over (which we divided up) and some bread. Pictured above are my Partners In The Kitchen - Vickie on the left and Phyllis on the right. Cheryle wasn't there and Debbie was working. Today we worked on more perogies and tomorrow, more meat pies. But we are not accepting any more orders so this week should be it. Next Wednesday we have a luncheon with the Ladies of Wharncliffe (11 women out for lunch) where we will exchange gifts and the next day, Thursday, we cater a luncheon at the Credit Union for 40 people - piece of cake. We can do that in our sleep. We are professionals!
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Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart would be jealous of you kitchen diva's way to go ....

Anonymous said...

Thank you - Thank you very much - I will pass the compliments on to the ladies today when we do the meat pies.