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Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's that time of year when I get back into my exercise mode again. I have blogged a picture of the view from my treadmill. Rejean moved the old bird feeder right in front of the window where my treadmill is set up. I am entertained and occupied by watching the birds feed. And the big grosbeak's aren't even here yet. The nuthatches and chickadees are feeding right now and I have a small little sparrow like bird hanging around - it is a light/olive green color with sparrow markings on its wings. I can't find it in my bird book - which I have strategically placed within reach of my treadmill. Now I can look at the bird with the book in my hand while walking on the treadmill - talk about multi-tasking. I have also included a picture of my pail full of black oil sunflower seeds - it is the only seed the birds up here eat. The first year I bought the multi-seed blend but they wouldn't eat it. I only buy the black oil seeds in 50 pound bags - and I will have to buy a new one every two weeks or so. The squirrels like it also. All winter long they sit under the bird feeders and eat the seeds the birds miss on the ground. Plus I feed them peanuts. I have a squirrel who will ignore the peanuts in favour of the black oil seeds. Peanuts do not appear naturally here so some ignore them.
The season has finally caught up with us as it is snowing today. There is some accumulation but nothing so bad that we have to get the tractor out but it is ready to go just in case. Linda and I are heading out to the Sault tomorrow - I have my list!!! This year I WILL have gifts in time to mail to Calgary and Gorrie on time so that I don't pay more than the gifts cost for postage. But I am a procrastinator so...
This afternoon we are going to Pig Pen to try our luck fishing - it is overcast and there may still be some hungry pickerel or trout there. Of course I will bring my camera to record all the action.
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