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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We headed out this morning at 9am - we met Joy and Arnold and headed out down the trail. It was a bit chilly - I will know better next time what to wear. I had on a turtle neck, sweat shirt, fleece hoodie and my hunting jacket. I had on tights, jeans and my rain pants. I will need more layers for Saturday when we are heading out again. Joy got 2 birds and Arnold got 1. I missed my bird twice!!! But at least I got to fire my gun. Joy was in the lead on the 4 wheelers - she stopped and got off her bike - a sign to me to follow suit. I got my gun off the rack and put in 2 shells. I caught up to Joy and she pointed with her gun and I saw a bird. But not the one she was pointing at. Later we figured there had to be at least 4 birds together. I fired and the birds scattered. Joy got a shot off at her bird and got it. I watched my bird fly down the road and come down. I walked to where I thought it came down and there he was. But deep in the thick brush beside the road. I aimed and fired but somehow I missed. The one that got away. There were other birds but by the time you get off the bike, load up the gun and cock it, the bird has either flown away or ran into the brush and once they are in the brush and are still, you can't see them. The first bird Joy got was standing right in the middle of a trail off the main road. It stood around while she went thru her routine and she fired and missed. It still stuck around for her to take her second shot. These are not the smartest birds in the bush.

We are going to do it again on Saturday - another all dayer. We will either eat partridge or chicken for dinner - I am hoping for partridge.

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