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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I happened to glance out my window this morning and I noticed that the bottom half of the bird feeder had come undone. And the pine needles beneath it were disturbed. What could have done it? The squirrels are too small and the bears are too big. Deer? When I was going to the Hall this morning I took my camera and took a picture of the bird feeder - I figured it was Blogging Material. Just as I took the picture, who comes trotting up the drive way towards me but the fox. Rejean was watching me from the balcony and I called up to him to get something for the fox to eat. He grabbed two left over pork chops and threw one down to the fox. He calmly walked up to it and took it over to the hill to eat. He came back and Rejean threw him the other one. I grabbed some dog cookies that I knew he would eat and threw him one when he came back. By this time he was burying them so I didn't feed him anymore. He just walked off into the bush.
I know it is the same one we haven't seen in over a year. I recognize him. Ron and Mary have been feeding one so maybe this is the same one. But he is not afraid of us (he is cautious but not afraid) The squirrel is not too happy and was chirping at the fox all the time he was here.
I'm glad he is back - I missed him. I like looking out and seeing him. We feed him but he is still a fox - he still hunts and acts like a fox. We just give him a treat every now and then. He doesn't depend on us to survive.
Now I have my birds and my fox to watch this winter. Rejean is building me a good bird feeder - it has a green steel roof like ours, oak siding, perches for the birds to stand on. The squirrel is going to be sooooo jealous. And I don't think the raccoon will be able to pull it up to the branch like last year. But you never know....
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Stacey said...

I'm glad your pet is back!!! You must be happy! Give him some weenies for me.