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Thursday, November 26, 2009


We were in town giving blood this afternoon and had dinner at the Shoreview Restaurant. After our dinner (burger, fries, gravey) we tried to make it to Home Hardware before it closed. Well apparently it closes at 5:30 and we just missed it. On our journey down the main street of Thessalon, at 5:40pm on a Thursday evening, we were stopped in the middle of the road by a ride program!!! Well there were about 3 cars on the whole street - Thessalon pretty much closes down at 5pm. I rolled down the window and she leaned in to announce a ride program and inquired if I had anything to drink today. Well this was one day where I hadn't had anything to drink. I was cooking at the Hall until 12:30 and then home to get ready to go to town. I did have a sip of Rejean's beer.
It just goes to show you they can pop up anytime and anywhere so be careful. It is really not worth it to get caught drinking and driving nowadays.
Tomorrow we work around the house - we have a new shower to install and I do have to get some Christmas shopping done eventually. Dinner at the Legion in Thessalon tomorrow nite - all you can eat whitefish, baked potato, coleslaw, pickles and, for desert, vanilla ice cream and either strawberry or butterscotch sauce - I prefer the butterscotch - yum yum
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