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Monday, November 30, 2009


Just a bunch of little things today. On the picture of the bird feeder, can you make out the squirrel on the right hand side? He climbed the pole and was making himself right at home. Rejean took this picture then clapped his hands close to him. I was watching from the house and I swear that squirrel flew thru the air to get away. Funny.
The next picture was taken at Pig Pen on Sunday when we went fishing. It snowed all day long but it wasn't that cold. Nothing was biting in the bay so we tried on the rocks - still nothing. But it was fun. The next picture is just a view of the surrounding area at Pig Pen.
And the top picture is of the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful. My picture does not do it justice.
I was in the Sault all day today - we hit snow on the way and it was slow going. But we shopped all day long. On the way home we hit snow again and, in the dark with those big flakes, it was quite hypnotizing. We finally make it to Axe Lake and, in the short time it took me to drop Linda off and then get back on the main highway 129, the road was snow covered and was snowing very heavily. Thank goodness we only live a short drive away because it was very bad. The only way I knew I was on the road was because I could see the grass on the side of the road. Thank goodness no big trucks were coming because I think it could have been bad. I was only going about 20K and I had a good grip on the wheel. And it is only the first snow of the season!!
See Ya By
I bought myself my Christmas present - the cartoon Up - can't wait to see it

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