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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well it was a marathon of sorts today at the Hall. The four of us churned out 47 big pies, 24 little pies and 300 perogies!!! Phyllis was the master dough maker - pie dough and perogie dough - she was in charge. She cut the circles for the perogies and took them over to Vickie who put the filling on them then pinched them shut. 300 of those little suckers!!!

But in the morning Vickie was responsible for getting the filling for the meat pies ready - and she did an outstanding job. We were the testers - yum yum.

Cheryle rolled out the pie dough, put it in the pie plates and passed it over to me and I filled them. I pushed the filled plate back to Cheryle who rolled out a lid for the pie then she passed it back to me. I cut the excess dough, did my little design on the edge and then cut the air holes and marked it with either H for hamburger, T for turkey, S for hamburger with sage. Then I put them in the ovens and monitored the cooking process. I didn't burn one pie I am proud to say.

But we are not done yet. We have to go back tomorrow to finish the pork and beef pies. A volunteer's work is never done.

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