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Friday, November 13, 2009


It was a great day in the bush - unfortunately for us (fortunately for the deer) we didn't get anything. We did see fresh deer poop but no deer. On our first push I lost sight of Joy and kind of went on my own for a ways. I did not panic because it was first thing in the morning and I had a loaded gun. I stood where I was for about 20 minutes and listened. I couldn't hear anything so I finally used my radio and asked someone to whistle so I could find them. Turns out I wasn't that far away from anyone. So I just pretended I meant to be that long. I knew that someone would find me eventually if I was REALLY lost.
We finally finished at about 1pm and then had a few bevereges at Joy and Arnold's. I had a soaker so I was starting to get a bit cold. I got the soaker stepping into a stream that didn't appear to be that deep but was. It could have been worse - I could have fallen into it.
Tomorrow is the final day. I have a couple of venison loins that I will cook into something called Beer and Deer - a recipe that I taped from Canada In The Rough - and it is exactly what it says - beer and deer with dumplings on top. It will be our final meal together. Then the guys go home
and we get back to "normal" which means "work".
See Ya By
ps - the crew from left to right: Barry, Joy, Roger, Ed, Rejean and Arnold - I was taking the picture but I was also in my blaze orange outfit - it is a fashion color up here.

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