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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We catered a luncheon at the credit union today so I was up and gone by 8:15am. We dropped the eats off at the credit union then headed out to our own little luncheon. After which I went to an Alpaca Farm just west of Bruce Mines. There's a ton of those little creatures standing around eating. Life is just too exciting for an alpaca I guess. But I went there to get some Christmas presents and I'm not naming names here. The wool is supposed to be the warmest on the planet and I have heard some good reviews. I purchased a pair of sox and innersoles for myself and some other stuff that I shan't go into at this time. They had a booth at the Toronto Winter Fair and Camilla stopped by their booth - yes I mean THAT Camilla - the one that is married to Chuck. There was a write up in the Sault Star about it and I talked to the owner about it. She said that Camilla was a very nice woman - very pleasant and polite. But she didn't buy the pair of mitts that she tried on. Chuck is probably too cheap. I also stopped at Forestland in town and picked up some gifts as well - believe it or not I only have to get 2 more - hard to believe. I usually have nightmares about it being Christmas Eve and I haven't bought a thing.

I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit - but I still get depressed a bit at this time of year and some of those Christmas songs can bring me to tears. But that first snow fall did get me in the mood. So bring it on!!

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