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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I am just waiting for my hard boiled eggs to cool so I have time to send you this blog. First off, it has been an excellent year - I think every year just gets better and better - how can you top this past year. I am only talking about personally, not what is happening in the world.

I have my friends, my family, I live in paradise and I am in good health. I am blessed. It is my reward for everything I have done good in my life.

I wish only the best for you and your family and friends.

This afternoon we are heading out to Axe Lake for our annual New Year's Eve Bash. It is a tradition that a friend on the lake brings up ribs and chicken which he cooks over an open fire outside. He is to start cooking at 2pm so I guess that is when the party starts - it is fun to stand around a fire pit and watch what is going on, having a beverage (I don't have to drive anywhere tonite except to Joanne and Mitch's so I can partake in the festivities) and talking with friends. The fire is going to keep burning until well after midnight. I bought those glow stick necklaces that I have ready to hand out to the ladies (any left over goes to the guys) That way we can find you if you fall into a snowbank or something. Everyone is outside for the evening - he has a party garage that we can go into if we get too cold. He has a big screen TV, poker table, card tables and a bar and wood stove. And it is pot luck so there is hash brown potatoes, potato salad devilled eggs, munchies, appetizers, etc.

We have taken supplies over to Joanne and Mitch's place - coffee, water, cream etc. We don't have to drive on the highway tonite, just walk down to their place to spend the nite. Thanks Joanne and Mitch. Rejean is over there now getting the place nice and warm for this afternoon and evening.

And I even have a New Year's resolution that I do intend to keep!!
Here's To You clink
See Ya Bye


Stacey said...

Happy New Year Janet! Hope it brings you much happiness.


Anonymous said...

what is it? i have a couple this year but not hopefull for success. maybe???HAPPY NEW YEAR-LOVE sistersue