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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Our lake started to get a bit of ice along the edges this week as the temperatures were becoming seasonal. This morning it was completely frozen over and snow covered. Not that I would walk on it yet - I'll wait until our friend John tells me it is ok to do so. And it has been snowing for the past 2 days. We drove our vehicles on the lane way to pack down the snow for the base for the snow blower. That way you don't kick up all the gravel. It didn't take too long. We also did our neighbour's driveway that Rejean takes care of also during the winter.

And guess who is back on the bird feeder. When I see him up there I don't do anything - what is it hurting? He has to eat too and I have tons of seed. But when Rejean sees him and shoos him away, he just flies thru the air. It is a sight to see.
Tonite we're going over to visit our friends on Axe Lake - we were supposed to head into town to see a comedian at the curling club but the roads aren't very good so we'll just stick around here. Snow does that to you - changes plans but better to be safe than dead.
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