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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Here we are in Wonderful Windsor - not that I don't like the place because some of my most favourite people are here - it is just that I am away from my home and, really, there is no place like home is there? We arrived yesterday after a few stops on the way down and the weather was ok - it started snowing in Gaylord, the snow capital of Michigan. Just like London, Ontario - if it is going to snow anywhere, it will snow there. AND the tunnel was backed up right to where you make your U turn to join the long line of cars to get to the entrance. They even had a police car blocking a route to the entrance. And then you have to just inch your way into one lane from six lanes after you pay - I told Rejean just to keep inching along and don't make eye contact. He thought there were 2 lanes in the tunnel (old person issues) so he was a bit off in the que. We finally made it and didn't get pulled over for our $107 worth of stuff. We made it to the mansion and no one was here to greet us - Stacey and Andrew were at a Christmas party and Sadie was spending a few nights at Grandma MariLou's. And, of course, this is the first Christmas without Satch, the killer cat who always used to welcome us with a hissssssss. Oh to feel welcome. But we made ourselves at home with a cold beer (that is always available in the bar fridge downstairs - thank you Andrew) and left overs from their Christmas open house yesterday - the chili was made with ground turkey - and it was delicious!! And kept in the Christmas tradition of using turkey. Tons of fruit left over as well - I didn't even look at the deserts.
Today we are heading out to do some shopping at Costco and various other places - I told Rejean to take a Valium because he is going to need a lot of patience out there today. I have about 98% of my shopping done but I found out I have to buy some wrapping paper - you can't transport wrapped gifts over the border (we were yelled at one year for doing so) so I was going to borrow some of Stacey's paper but she decided to put her gifts in bags this year so I have to buy some paper today.
More adventures later - gotta go
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Anonymous said...

janet-please call me tonite about fishing and weddings-sister sue

northernbliss said...

I am trying but your line is busy - get off the computer.