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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Every Christmas Eve the family gathers at Lise's house to celebrate the holiday. Everyone brings something and each year I bring meatballs. They are a hit and go very quickly. Well I am going to give my secret away right here and now in my blog. Yes, I visit M & Ms and buy their meatballs and the Diana Honey Garlic Sauce. There, now my conscience is clear. I don't have to fake it anymore. But how easy is that? All you do is take a pair of scissors and cut the bag open and dump them in the slow cooker - I usually buy two boxes - and then pour the sauce over them and let the slow cooker do the hard work. I transport the slow cooker to Lise's and provide the toothpicks (oops forgot those this year) then I bring the empty container home to wash. No fuss no muss - easy peasy.
Now I have to go iron the clothes we will be wearing tonite. Let the festivities begin!!!
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