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Thursday, December 24, 2009


It was lunch with the retirees yesterday - how nice to see friends and just sit and enjoy ourselves over a nice hot bowl of soup and a beer - just 1 beer tho because of the new drinking and driving regulations. Louise, Evelyn, Anne Marie, Janis and her sister Pat showed up. I was soooo envious of Janis when she showed up in a nice turtle neck sweater - my turtleneck sweater days are sooo over because of my tendency to produce hot flashes - yes, be careful what you wish for. Back in the old days I was always cold no matter where I was or what season it was. I could wear a sweater on a summer day and be comfortable. Not any more. My usual indoor garb consists now of a short sleeve t shirt and a light hoodie thing that I can whip off at a moments notice. I used to say that I couldn't wait for my hot flashes to get here so I could be warm - WAS I CRAZY!!! Now what I would give for those olden days of being cold. But enough about me. All the girls looked great and we talked about how nice it was to be retired and out of the Banking world. Old stories were rehashed and we remembered our friend Debi who had passed away recently. Debi had cancer and had beat it for 17 years!! But it finally caught up with her - I always said that it was her Indian medicine that kept her alive all these years. She will be missed.
After the lunch I sped over to my mother-in-law's place for a dinner of homemade soup, salad and her world famous meat pies - yum yum. Then on to Chris and Egon's to visit and exchange gifts. Mine was a beautiful print of Cecile Youngfox's The Drum Singer. I have one of his in the new bathroom called Drumming Instruction so this picture will compliment it. Beautiful.
Then it was back home to the mansion.
Christmas Eve is here - how quickly time flies. Tonite we go to Lise's for our traditional Christmas Eve event. Food, drinks, meat pies, gifts - a wonderful tradition to keep.
What a great day it was today to spend time with people who mean a lot to you. Friends are one of life's rewards for everything good you have done in your life. I must have been very good in my life.
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