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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Just some catch up news - yesterday we had breakfast at Ron and Mary's place - it was delicious - peameal bacon, eggs, toast, homemade peach marmalade, kiwi and orange fruits, coffee with Bailey's, orange juice. Yum Yum. The previous evening we had delivered their pies from the hall and we had smoked white fish and - get this - white fish jerky. Was it ever good - and for those who don't know - I could exist on smoked fish. But the whitefish jerky was VERY good. They get it in Bayfield and when they go again they have my order. They have two foxes hanging around their place and I managed to get a good picture of one just laying on the snow bank. They follow Ron around like puppies - but of course he has cookies in his pocket for them. I wish they would come over to my place to visit - I have cookies too.
The other picture is the start of our new project - installing the new shower that we have had since last Christmas - we got it from Costco and we are just getting around to it now. It should be done before Christmas. It took us over an hour to level the thing - there are shims galore under it. I have found that whatever you buy from Costco there is always something different about it - something wrong. A blender we bought has a lid that is difficult to put in place. I am waiting to see what is wrong with this shower. We have figured out that we have to assemble the whole thing, then put it in place. THAT will be fun. I will keep you informed on this project.
This afternoon we are invited over to Bob's house for a buffalo roast. There is a buffalo farm along highway 17 and they sell meat. I have always wanted to stop and get some ground buffalo for burgers but I never have. Well, Bob stopped and got a roast - so tonite we dine on buffalo. I am bringing the bread and some mozzarella sticks for a treat. I'll get a picture for tomorrow's blog. Stay tuned.
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