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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Rejean put a squirrel deterrent device on the bird feeder yesterday but look what we woke up to. Rejean has been out witted by a squirrel!! Yes the squirrel managed to jump from the bushes to the feeder (or so we think). He's going to move the feeder today in his "spare" time.

And since it was our first official snow fall, I am posting a bunch of "snow"pictures - get used to it - it's winter up here and there is always a lot of snow. I took a few on our lake and the rest are on Appleby Lake on my way to the Hall this morning. We are catering a luncheon at the Northern Credit Union tomorrow for 40 people so we prepared today ie baked a lot of deserts, cut up the cheese and veggies and then made MORE PIE$. I have also posted Vickie's hands with radish roses - she is soooo talented.

Then we have our own luncheon - there will be 12 of us Ladies of Wharncliffe lunching in Bruce Mines tomorrow. We each have to bring a wrapped gift then we choose which one we want. Mine is wrap nice thanks to Stacey's left over Christmas wrapping paper from last year - she gives me her left overs. She always gets real nice paper from Costco and then whatever she doesn't use she gave to me. Then after lunch we are heading to a local Alpaca Farm near Bruce Mines to pick up some Christmas presents made from the Alpaca wool - it is supposed to be very warm.

On my way home from work there was a full moon staring me right in the face so, having my camera at hand, attempted to take a picture of it - "I go to work in the dark and I come home in the dark" I know how you feel.

That's it for now - I have finished my blog, done my exercises, wrapped my present and now I have to put away all the stuff I bought yesterday - my work is never done.....
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